Consumer Frequent Question about Car Shipping:

 (1)  is my (Customers) auto insurance primary of secondary?

ANSWER:  primary and secondary does not exist most insurances works as such: Most auto carriers hold One Million dollars combined single limit & Two hundred fifty thousand dollars per incident

Our Car Carrier policy covers your vehicle bumper to bumper while in transit. . No other insurance is needed. The Car Carrier insurance in  primary except for personal content.


(2) I’ve heard other brokers mention if I pay more money I will get a lower insurance deductible?

 ANSWER:  Absolutely not! – Some auto transporters have deductibles between two hundred and two thousand. However, how extensive the damage is the Consumer should not have to pay that deductible  If a transport company requests more money for insurance fee for a deductible they are attempting to get more money. And this is unethical


(3) Can I place cloths and  small things in the vehicle while shipping ?

ANSWER: This call is up to you the consumer, Remember a carrier does not insure personal items in the vehicle for damage caused by vehicle weight shifts  . (see exception question #1)


(4) What is the better sized car  carrier for the  transport  of my vehicle ?

ANSWER:  The size of your car carrier does not matter – often quicker pickups could be with smaller trucks.


(5) What is the transport time?(6)    

ANSWER:  All Transport shipping times are estimated they are subject the change based on the weather traffic at the time of transport. However, ask you customer’s service representative to to give you the truck average time of arrivals

 Coast to Coast – Est . Seven To Fourteen days

Midwest to  each Coast - Est. Five  to Seven days


 (6) Cost differences between Cars, truck and (S.U.V)?

ANSWER: Mostly all vehicle shipments are based on the weight that each truck can legally hold – for this reason carrier may offer different price difference between $50.00 and $100.00 larger vehicles.


(7)    What kind of documents in needed to ship my vehicle of? (Registration, title, Insurance,  etc.)

 ANSWER: If your vehicle is not leaving the country and only being shipped within the U.S. you will not have to provide any documentation besides the shipping order with your carrier.


 (9) What should I do if my car is damaged?

ANSWER: When your vehicle arrives the Driver will do a Bill of Lading inspection as he did when the vehicle was picked up note the damage at the time of the delivery inspection the insurance will be on the back of the form as where to submit the claim