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Listed herein is a printable list of transport questions that you should print and use as a questions reference as you inquire to other companies. 

Take the time out to call, and not get an instant price quote, if you have never shipped your car or never shipped with the company in question.

[  ] Is my car insured? and is it included in the price? 

Note : We offer a complete vehicle inspection “Bill of Lading”  at pickup and delivery.

(Our price includes, Fully coverage bumper to bumper zero dollar deductible, insured to the High Kelly blue book value of your vehicle)

[ ] When will a truck be able to pickup my car.?  

Est in most major cities are around/about 48/72 hrs advance notice for rural areas.

[ ] Delivery Times?

 Coast To Coast adv: 5 to 7 / Midwest out 3 to 5 /  up and down the coast 3 to 5days.

[ ] How do I figure what is the best price? 

(In the vehicle transportation industry the lowest price is the best approach.  During your research you may become aware of big prices variances from transporter to Transporters Company. Note, that your price does not always guarantee your vehicle on time.  Our staff works closely with our car carriers to keep the prices updated to the current industry standards, so that we put your vehicle on the soonest available truck.)

[ ] Do  I have to be present when we pick-up or deliver your vehicle?

(Yes, we strongly recommend someone be at both locations; two reasons. First you’ll need to have someone sign off on the condition report.  Second someone will have to pay the driver Cash on Delivery at delivery.)

[ ] When is the car carrier coming? 

(Once the vehicle has been assigned to a car carrier, you then are notified of your estimated date/ time for pickup and delivery.    On the day of the car carrier drive calls 4 hours prior to arrival.

[] Does your company guarantee the pick-up times and date?

(With advance notice it’s most likely we can pickup your vehicle  at the time/date requested we will do our best to accommodate your needs, other companies  charge  an addition fee for this service. If any company gives you a GUARANTEED pick up date, get it in writing in a contract.  Some companies will tell you over the)

[ ] How long is this shipping quote  good for?

(Your transport price is good for fifteen days from the day you received it.)


[ ] How far in future should I schedule the vehicle transport?

(We suggest that on to two weeks in advance from the date that your vehicle is available to be picked up)

[ ] Can I pack things in my car?

( up to 100 lbs to 150lb  in the trunk and/or backseat,  items must be secured and cannot block any windows or views.)